Emini Trading Update – Monday 28 Nov 2011

Emini Trading Update – Monday 28 Nov 2011

Emini Trading Update – Monday 28 Nov 2011 (7:55)

The video starts with a bit of a discussion about this morning’s gap up. Watch out for those Professionals during the holidays – they never take time off :-)

Jumped out a fraction too early on my first trade, so not quite a OSOK. Then decided to trade on a little – partly because I ended last week flat (after a very frustrating Wednesday). Anyway, long story short, after five trades only managed 4 points.

Sometimes it’s just best to stop, breathe deep and go do something else.

Link of the day …

This amazing article from Business Insider and The Automatic Earth summarizes the situation in Europe, by country and bank. This should really scare the pants off any investor.

Quote of the day …

From Paul P. who also caught the OSOK first thing this morning:

“Hi Barry, Just wanted to say thanks and share my successful trade today. I got long the ES shortly after the open on a pullback on the 1500 tick bar with blue professional bar and exited with 4 points and a end of trend signal (OSOK). Thanks again for your education and signals. I guess I need to take up surfing or something to fill my free time.”


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