How to Know if the Professionals are Buying or Selling

There’s already a video on the website about interpreting Professional and Amateur bars – but it’s not really any good and the answer is buried 10 minutes in. So time to try again and do the job properly.

This video was sparked by a great question from Lloyd about Wednesday’s “Last Roll of the Dice” Short signal:

“Hello Barry, How do we know whether the Pro bars at highs are initiating shorts or closing longs?

One is bearish and the other is neutral until they reenter the market. Does the indicator have the ability to distinguish that somehow? Thank you.” Lloyd

The video is a little long – but comprehensive, I hope, in explaining how to identify what the Professionals and Amateurs are doing.

Click here to view the Professionals Buying or Selling video on the website.

Good luck with your Emini trading next week.