Day After FOMC

FOMC finally out of the way and not much new information. But the big money will be digesting it and the “real” move will come in the next couple of days.

We could still make the September Effect seasonal trade – but Thursday into Friday’s trade will tell. I still think we’re due for a bounce in the Euro and Pound – and dip in the US Dollar. But a lot of that depends on the Scottish Independence vote – which is imminent.

Quote of the day

Got this email Tuesday from Jeff P. Wow, hats off to you Jeff:

“Great piece on the Bond market. I completely agree with you.

Thanks to your indicators you have taken me from a trader with a 10k account to launching a hedge fund next month. These are the real deal and i hope you stick around and continue to share your wealth of knowledge.

regards, Jeff”

Well, I’m not sure about ‘wealth of knowledge’ but way-to-go Jeff.

Click here to view the Day After FOMC video on the website.

Good luck with your Emini trading.