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UPDATED: Monday 20 May 2024   |   AUTHOR: Emini-Watch
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Hi, my name is Barry Taylor. I’m not a trading Guru and I haven’t discovered the Holy Grail. I’m just a regular guy who makes a living day trading Emini futures full-time.

This website shows what works for me and is a record of how my trading methodology is evolving.

Continue reading below to learn a little about the ‘Better’ trading indicators, how I manage to travel and trade, why I deleted the Emini-Watch Blog and how Emini-Watch can help you.

Emini-Watch is a showcase for the ‘Better’ indicators

Conventional trading indicators – like moving averages, MACD, RSI, Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, etc. – didn’t work for me. I hesitate to say “don’t work”. They can work. But in my experience they are at best a 50:50 proposition.

The problem? These indicators just analyse price. And price alone cannot be used to predict price. You need to include the two missing components: buying / selling volume and average trade size.

And hence, the 3 non-correlated ‘Better’ trading indicators:

  1. Better Sine Wave analyses Price and determines the beginning and end of trends
  2. Better Momentum looks at Volume and determines the strength of demand and supply
  3. Better Pro Am measures Trade Size and identifies Professional and Amateur activity

With these 3 indicators you can see that markets turn with a repeatable pattern – climactic volume, price exhaustion and Professional activity followed by less volume, price testing and Amateur mistakes. This builds on the timeless work of Richard D. Wyckoff and his insights into how markets work.

Some have called the ‘Better’ indicators a 3-dimensional approach to trading and identifying trade entries and exits. These unique indicators work not just with Emini futures and for Emini day trading, but for all markets (futures, forex, ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.) and across all timeframes.

Emini-Watch is the personal obsession of Barry Taylor

I started trading stocks in 1995, then moved on to small caps, options, warrants, commodities, forex, etc. – a progression you might be familiar with yourself. By 2004 I was focussed exclusively on Emini futures and by 2006 I had (finally) become consistently profitable.

I thought I had something unique to offer (back then my methodology relied heavily on TRIN data and the Commitment of Traders) and so decided in September 2006 to launch a trading blog to showcase what I was doing. I started posting charts, market commentary and trading videos almost daily. And slowly the blog grew.

Then in 2009 I went full-time. I’m often asked “How will I know when to go full-time?” For me the GFC forced my hand. I had been working as a freelance consultant but when the GFC hit the work dried up. Luckily I could fall back on my day trading. And there is nothing like the pressure to be profitable (almost) every week to sharpen your skills!

image of mrs emini-watch at hanalei bay on kauai, hawaii

And that’s when my trading, my methodology and the website really took off. My methodology evolved to the current 3 non-correlated ‘Better’ indicators. The indicators were re-coded to be able to follow three timeframes in one. I started swing trading ETFs and then moved onto futures. I also stopped my rants (although very popular).

And I started managing my trading like a “mini” or personal hedge fund.

Plus my wife (Mrs. Emini-Watch) and I started traveling full-time. For 14 years now, we have been circling the globe and each year spend 4 months in Australia, then France and then Hawaii. Matching our stays with the surfing season in each location (my other passion).

Why the Emini-Watch blog was deleted

In November 2020 I took a bold step and deleted the 1,265 blog posts on Emini-Watch.

It felt like deleting my life’s work. But had to be done for a number of reasons:

  • A lot of the old trading videos were recorded in Adobe Flash Player (.swf) format and all major web browsers announced that from 31 December 2020 they would no longer support it and so the videos would no longer play
  • Most of the blog posts were videos or charts and had very little text content – and Google was penalizing my website search traffic because there was so much “thin” content, and
  • YouTube’s video player had improved immeasurably, so much so that it was easily outperforming my (very expensive but cutting edge at the time) video hosting service

So the Emini-Watch blog has been moved onto YouTube and only the best “how to trade” content has been kept on the website. The result is a much slimmed-down website with 60-odd pages, that you can see on the sitemap. But you can also watch copies of all of the YouTube videos on the Emini-Watch website by following this link to the Trading Blog.

How can Emini-Watch help you?

If you have ever wanted to trade for a living, this website can help you. But you need to find your own unique trading style. Use this website as a starting point, then as Bruce Lee said:

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is uniquely your own.    Bruce Lee

Start with this video that introduces the ‘Better’ trading indicators. Then this video explains how I use the indicators to day trade Emini futures. If you’re unfamiliar with Emini futures then this video explains their advantages. And this page has links to the best of Emini-Watch.

Plus get notified whenever a new trading video is posted on YouTube. Just scroll down to the “Follow Emini-Watch” form and input your email address. We will never spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Lastly, you need to work hard at trading – otherwise you will fail.

It is certainly the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. But the rewards are well worth the effort. And there are plenty of people who have become or are becoming successful day traders and attribute some of their success to Emini-Watch.

I wish you good luck with your trading.

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Your website is a goldmine of info Barry. Excellent work.

Robert D.

Oasis of knowledge

Your website is an oasis of knowledge.

Arthur L.

Never seen so much free information

I just needed to tell you that I’ve been visiting trading sites since the late 90’s and I have never seen so much information – free information, in any of these sites. Thank you, very much!

Tim W.

Like being a kid in a candy store

It’s like a library for serious traders and casual traders alike … It’s a well crafted labyrinth of knowledge and extremely useful market resources … For me, visiting Emini-Watch.com is reminiscent of being a kid in a candy store.