Free Indicators & Recommended Resources

10 Days to Better Emini Trading

free indicators image 1In this 10-day video series I distill the 10 changes that I made to my trading that helped me become consistently profitable. And you might be surprised by some of the recommendations – real life is very different from what you read in trading books.

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Better Volume Indicator … My Secret to Analyzing Volume

Better Volume Indicator ImageThis article showcases an improved version of the traditional volume histogram that signals market turning points.

     “… The Better Volume Indicator from Emini-Watch
      is a dream tool – and it’s free!”  Anon. 4Q Survey

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The Better X-Trend Indicator

Trend Indicator ImageTrends start with explosive volume and end with exhaustion volume. The “X” in X-Trend stands for explosive and exhaustion – and the Better X-Trend indicator defines the trend based on these volume patterns. Cutting edge. Code for TradeStation, NinjaTrader and MultiCharts.

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How to Trade Using Commitment of Traders Data

Commitment of Traders ImageIf you want to be on top of what the Professionals are doing, you need to follow these weekly data releases. This article explains exactly what the Commitment of Traders weekly report is all about, how to analyze it and identify potential market turning points.

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When Will the Stock Market Crash?

stock market crash indicator imageThis simple indicator uses the weekly Commitment of Traders data to warn of potential Stock Market Crashes. It has correctly signalled 9 of the last 9 market corrections and crashes – with only 4 false signals – since 1990.

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How to Make a Better TRIN Index in 4 Simple Steps

TRIN Indicator ImageThis article first discusses the shortcomings of the traditional TRIN (Trading Index) indicator and then shows how it can be improved. The TRIN indicator is an essential measure of Emini market internals and can be used to identify turning points and confirm market direction.

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TradeStation Free Indicator: Vertical Line Time

image of free indicator that plots a vertical line at any time on your chartA simple TradeStation indicator that plots vertical lines at any time. I use it to plot the Emini Open, Close and close of the 11am reversal window. The indicator is an example of how to use the new EasyLanguage drawing objects. Download the free TradeStation indicator.

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The Stopping Volume Pattern

Stopping Volume Pattern ImageThis article discusses a very simple price and volume pattern that identifies high probability turning points. The TradeStation EasyLanguage code can be used on any market and any time frame, from 5 minute charts all the way to daily, weekly and monthly charts.

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The No Demand Volume Pattern

No Demand Volume Pattern ImageAnother article showing a very handy volume pattern – the No Demand pattern. You often see No Demand at market tops and it’s inverse, No Supply, at market bottoms. Remember, this is a signal of Accumulation/Distribution and not necessarily an entry signal all on it’s own.

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Understanding the Relationship Between Stocks & Bonds

equities vs bondsThey say the “Smart Money” trades the Bond market. Well, I don’t know about that – but the Bond market is very useful in giving clues about longer term market direction and potential turning points. This article has some very useful Bond market indicators.

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Japanese Yen Carry Trade & the US Stock Market

equities vs japanese yenThe “Carry Trade” and its importance in driving US Equity markets is explained in this article. And using the same simple Bond market indicators, areas of over-bought and over-sold can be identified that lead to changes in the overall trend in the Emini.

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Best Trading Books: The MUST Read List

best trading books imageThere are definitely too many trading books out there! Most of them just repeat the same old platitudes (“use stops”, “buy pullbacks in a up trend”, etc.) – and are not written by real traders. Well of all the trading books I’ve read, here are the best.

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NinjaTrader, eSignal & MT4 Programming

ninjatrader programming imageIf coding is not your thing or you don’t have the time to learn all the tricks of the trade – then find yourself a good programmer. I love coding in TradeStation EasyLanguage but I’ve never had the patience to learn NinjaScript. Want to know who I use to program my NinjaTrader code?

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How to Learn NinjaTrader NinjaScript

learn ninjascript imageIf you want to learn to code NinjaScript yourself, here’s an excellent eBook by Scott Daggett – “NinjaScript Programmer’s Launch Pad”. At $5.99 it’s an absolute steal and as Scott says: “The Launch Pad can shave days off the learning curve.”

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