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The ‘Better’ Trading Indicators

3 Non-correlated indicators based on Price, Volume & Trade Size


The 3 ‘Better’ Trading Indicators together pinpoint market turning points and changes in trend direction. I use them every day in my Emini day trading, but they work equally well for trading Forex, Commodities and Stocks.

Remember, if you’re trading with just price-based indicators, you’re missing two-thirds of the available information!

Price cycles & trends:   Better Sine Wave

trading indicators img1Improved version of John Ehlers’ Hilbert Sine Wave. The Better Sine Wave plots cycle entry points when the market is in a trading range. Then when the market breaks into a trend move, the indicator signals early entry and holds a position right to the end of the trend. Don’t trade cycles without it. Works on any chart, any time frame. Go to Better Sine Wave

“I owe a lot to Better Sine Wave – it’s paid for itself 10 times over already.”   Adam M.

Buying & selling volume:   Better Momentum

trading indicators img2The classic momentum indicator calculates changes in price. This improved momentum indicator is based on changes in buying and selling volume. Declining buying volume always precedes a market top and vice versa for market bottoms. The Better Momentum indicator pinpoints these turning points and plots bullish/bearish divergence signals. Go to Better Momentum

“Better Momentum has become my most valuable trading tool.”   Jack B.

Professional & amateur trade size:   Better Pro Am

trading indicators img3The last part of the puzzle is knowing what the Professionals and Amateurs are doing. You want to follow the Professionals and “fade” (do the opposite of) the Amateurs. The Better Pro Am indicators have PaintBars for Professionals and Amateurs as well as accumulation / distribution volume patterns Like No Demand, Profit Taking and RAMBO. Go to Better Pro Am

“Better Pro Am is brilliant – there is nothing else out there like it.”   Mark L.

What people are saying about the ‘Better’ Indicators

“I have looked at literally dozens of systems/strategies/indicator packages. I can say that your simple, logical and sensible approach using 3 separate uncorrelated indicators is the best by far.”   Goran U.

“Your indicators are the best of any I’ve ever used … I’ve used the Jurik indicators for quite some time and find your ‘Better’ indicators far superior.”   Jack B.

“I’m incredibly impressed with Better Sine Wave, Momentum and Pro Am – when used together they give you a real ‘edge’ … It is very generous of you to sell your indicators at such a low price – it is very easy to spend 10 times what you charge for indicators which aren’t even half as effective!”   Phil S.

“Of all the indicators I have accumulated over the years, these are the only ones I use. Excellent work!”   Robert

I can’t believe how accurate the indicators are when you learn how to interpret them.”   Simon H.

“Your indicators have given me faith in making this a job for life! Thank you!”   Goran

“Your methods really open up new and much improved ways of looking at the markets! It’s unbelievable how much clearer the market picture has become.”   Dave G.

“Thank you for your indicators and your daily web recap of your ES trading. After focusing on only price action for years your non-correlated indicators are powerful. You have helped me for the first time in years become a profitable trader.”   Paul P.

Your 3 non-correlated indicators are absolutely great. As I have disciplined myself to use them, I have had very good results.”   Eliot B.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your indicators with the rest of us. It has literally changed my life, enabling me to finally be successful at Day Trading. I never buy and hold anymore and I sleep much better each night.”   Dennis W.

“These programs are AMAZING! The indicators are almost perfect and are allowing me to grab much more profit per trade. Thank you so much!”   Heath H.

“Your system ranks at the top for rationality, simplicity and elegance – great system!”   Jorge C.

Your indicators are priceless on ES and stocks, they’re amazing when I mix them with old-style support and resistance levels.”   Enis B.

These indicators are fabulous!”   Justin G.

“You have probably heard this before but thank you, +$762 USD on the first ‘Better’ indicator setup.”   Sandip K.