Free TradeStation Indicators

UPDATED: Friday 21 July 2023   |   AUTHOR: Barry Taylor

1. The Better Volume Indicator

image of better volume free code

Most traders ignore volume. Big mistake! Big! Huge! Volume has to be the most underrated market variable used in technical analysis. But if you know how to analyze and interpret it, you’ll be able to see market turning points develop and anticipate pullbacks and trend changes … more »

2. The Better X-Trend Indicator

trend indicator image

Trends start with explosive volume and end with exhaustion volume. The “X” in X-Trend stands for explosive and exhaustion – and the Better X-Trend indicator defines the trend based on these volume patterns. Cutting edge. Code for TradeStation, NinjaTrader and MultiCharts … more »

3. The Stock Market Seasonality Indicator

image of stock market seasonality indicator

Stock market seasonality definitely exists, but can you use it day trade? I think the answer is “Yes” – but only where there is strong fundamental support. Here are 5 stock market seasonal trades and a stock market seasonality indicator to help you find them … more »

4. The Stock Market Crash Indicator

stock market crash indicator image

When will the stock market crash? Everyone would like to know the answer to that question! Well, here’s a simple indicator, using the weekly Commitment of Traders data, that has correctly signalled 10 of the last 10 market corrections and crashes with only 5 false signals … more »

5. The Better Commitment of Traders Indicator

commitment of traders image

If you want to be on top of what the Professionals are doing, you need to follow these weekly data releases. This article explains exactly what the Commitment of Traders weekly report is all about, how to analyze it and identify potential market turning points … more »

6. The Intermarket Oscillator

equities vs bonds

They say the “Smart Money” trades the Bond market. Well, I don’t know about that – but the Bond market is very useful in giving clues about longer term stock market direction and potential turning points. This article has a very useful intermarket oscillator … more »

7. The Vertical Line Time Indicator

image of free indicator that plots a vertical line at any time on your chart

A simple TradeStation indicator that plots vertical lines at any time. I use it to plot the Emini Open, Close and close of the 11am reversal window. The indicator is an example of how to use the new EasyLanguage drawing objects. Download the free TradeStation indicator … more »

8. The Better Rotation Indicator

image of free indicator that shows rotation between global macro asset classes

This indicator code uses 8 major ETFs to track the trends in Global Macro asset classes. It helps visualize the rotations from one asset class to another. The indicator code also shows how to use EasyLanguage drawing objects to add text on a chart and make it easy to read … more »

… and The 7 Deadly Sins Trading Log

image of the 7 deadly sins trading log

Identifying, tracking and fixing your most frequently repeated trading mistakes is THE fastest way to get profitable. Period. It’s the mistakes you make that kill you, that wipe out your trading account. The faster you can re-program your brain to stop repeating these errors, the faster you’ll grow your account … more »

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