The Better Trend Lines Indicator

UPDATED: Friday 21 July 2023   |   AUTHOR: Emini-Watch
Trading with Trend Lines -

“The Big Money is in The Big Moves.”

Better Trend Lines is a very simple and elegant indicator that signals uptrends, downtrends and market consolidation zones. Trade entries are signalled when the market breaks out of a consolidation zone, into a trending phase. Real breakouts will move fast and without a pullback, so trades are best entered “at market”.

Better Trend Lines indicator:

  • Works on all TradeStation charts – any instrument, any timeframe
  • Automatically plots rising and falling trend lines – eliminates the guesswork
  • Highlights congestion zones – areas where large trend moves start
  • Works on candlestick charts – candlestick “wicks” colored automatically
  • Includes Trend Line Function – program your own Better Trend Line systems
  • Protected TradeStation EasyLanguage (.ELD) code

More examples of Better Trend Lines indicator in action

Better Trend Lines Indicator: Emini (15 minute)
Better Trend Lines Indicator: Emini (daily)
trend line format
Better Trend Lines Indicator: Indicator Settings
trend line candlestick
Better Trend Lines Indicator: Candlestick Chart

Note: For candlestick charts go Format > Inputs > Change CandleStick to True. Then go View > Chart Analysis Preferences > General > Untick “When a study paints a candlestick bar, paint the body & wick”.