Emini Trading: The ‘How To’ Guides

This is a comprehensive list of all the best articles and videos on Emini-Watch. Together they describe my day trading methodology and pretty much everything I know about Emini trading. Use the links below to jump to a particular section:

Please don’t try to tackle all these articles and videos at once. There are hours of reading and watching here. But think of this as a Table of Contents for the Emini-Watch site. If you don’t find a particular topic you might find it in the Emini trading glossary.

Emini Futures & What to Trade

Charting Software & Programming Languages

The ‘Better’ Trading Indicators

How to Trade with the ‘Better’ Indicators

Setups Using the ‘Better’ Indicators

The ‘Better’ Indicators on Other Markets

How to Trade Longer Term

The Psychology of Trading

Running a Trading Business

Travelling & Trading


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