What Is the ‘RAMBO’ Pattern?

UPDATED: Sunday 7 April 2024   |   AUTHOR: Emini-Watch

Use the RAMBO (potential ‘Reversal of AMateur Break Out’) pattern to fade Amateur activity at market extremes:

The RAMBO indicator with volume exhaustion and divergence is like printing money!!! Good work sir!! Jason T.

Got a great question from Mike M. on Friday about RAMBO patterns:

Hi Barry, Is the R associated with a RAMBO signal indicative of the direction the amateurs are going? Or the trend? For ex: today on the 1500 tick @ 9:51est, there was a red R below the UP amateur bar. Your products are fantastic and truly appreciate your videos. Thanks. Mike M.

I try and answer the question in the video above. For my money, the RAMBO patterns are pure gold – such a simple volume pattern and incredibly effective at showing you where the Amateurs are going wrong. The higher the time frame, the more prescient they are – so pay attention.

Good luck with your Emini trading.