Trends in Lower Time Frames = Cycles in Higher Time Frames

UPDATED: Friday 13 November 2020   |   AUTHOR: Emini-Watch

Quick video today about trends and cycles using the Better Sine Wave indicator. I go through one of my favorite setups: End of Trend signals in the lower time frame chart synching up with Cyclical signals in the higher time frame chart. Remember:

Trends in lower time frames are equivalent to cycles in higher time frames.

In the end we got 3 trend and cycle setups in a row. Each was good for a 10 point move in the Emini. Here’s the chart with the two timeframes and signals annotated.

using better sine wave to identify emini trends within cycles
Using Better Sine Wave to identify Emini trends within cycles

CME/Globex data and my chart settings

In October 2009, the CME/Globex exchange changed the way Emini trades were aggregated. As a result, I changed my multiple timeframe tick charts from 233 / 699 / 2,097 ticks to 500 / 1,500 / 4,500 ticks. This video was recorded before this change and so shows 233 tick charts, etc.